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I'm quite new to Xanadu. I'm involved in a post-graduate degree 
in computer science (working in a digital library research 
group), and have recently run across Literary Machines / Xanadu 
/ Computer Lib (in that order).

I have two quick questions, which is suspect are representative 
of newcomers to the field:

1) Is there a list of systems that implement some of the 
dimensions of the Xanadu docuverse, listing which of the major 
features they support ?

2) I understand that there isn't a full Xanadu implementation. I 
understand that there are a group of people interested in 
creating such an implementation. What small, incremental, steps 
can individuals in an academic setting make to contribute to 
this happening. I'm familiar with working on gnu projects---is 
the Xanadu development anything like this ?

I was pleasantly surprised to find some comments in Literary 
Machines directly relevant to the current work we are doing here 
(I'm looking at what explicit and implicit metadata exists in 
printed documents).

Many thanks
stuart yeates

--    stuart yeates <s.yeates@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> aka `loam'
``If I can't dance then its not my revolution.'' -- Emma Goldman