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Re: Storage dilemma looms

>It's a race against time.  What's the good of digitizing your media
>library, if doing so consumes so many hours out of your life that you
>would otherwise spend enjoying new material as it is published?  To
>ensure that your heirs will get clean copies of the entertainment you
>used to like?
>I have a carton full of 7" reel 1/4" wide audio tapes in my garage,
>along with a deck with which to play them.  It hasn't been touched
>in 15 years.  What should I do?
>     - Rich

 Well I think the point here is that *if* it's worth publishing to the
owner, or to some other party if it's in public domain, then they can get it
into a central data base anyone (public, university student, whoever) can
access without lossing credit (and possible payment) for their work.
 I certainly don't like the idea of the project that's trying to preserve
all the webpages (what a loony idea), the last thing I want kept for all
enternity are 99% of my web pages. Then there are some items (research and
some original creative efforts) I may want to have published and will pay a
few dollars to have them archived in a living Xanadu database.