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Re: Freedom of the Press

 I had a look at the page in question but found his page:
 more informative. One good scenior to paint in support
 of these on-going retrospective extensions would be
 an author who sells his work with the full expectation
 that said work would be released back for his & the publics
 use at a fixed point in time. But instead he finds his work
 kept out of use for an additional ten, twenty, thirty, and
 fourty years.

  The interesting part if this US extension is how it will
 benefit Mr William Gates III and his recent purchases of
 60,000,000 historical images. These extensions certainly
 will ensure his control of a too large section of the
 world education and entertainment markets next century.
  Perhaps only now are we finding out what instructions he
 was giving his golf caddy (Bill Clinton).

  What's the Australian status? Last time I looked I found
 it was fifty years from the date of first publishing or
 authors death, whichever was the sooner. But given the
 potential fiscal powers behind (e.g. William, Rupbert) the
 US changes it wouldn't supprise me if some unilateral
 aggreement hadn't been sneaked in.

In your mail of Fri Jan 15 15:45:27 1999 (subject: Freedom of the
> Here's a great essay about the difference between legitimate
> e-books and "antibooks" which seek to lock up intellectual
> property:
> http://eldred.ne.mediaone.net/battle.html