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Some Questions to Xanadu

Mr. Andrew Pam, and Others of Xanadu

I'm Soeren Grenzdoerffer, student of computer science and currently
working at
my diploma with the topic 'Ted Nelsons Xanadu'. 
Having read a lot about Xanadu some questions arose which I hope you can
me to answer:

Ted Nelson wrote in several publications that there is no censorship in
How will you handle forbitten topics like bomb-building or
In Germany they trying to disconnect server in the WWW with such topics
the net. I can't imagine that the government would allow Xanadu
publishing such

Ted Nelson prefers a mouse-click-universe. 
What about necessary text input for example in search engines?

In the FAQ for Xanadu you wrote in the point 2m that a 'document is 
automatically moved to physical storage appropriate to its frequency of
In point 2o I read that 'every Xanadu service provider can charge their
at any rate they choose for the storage'. 
Provider A stores a huge amount of information, User X often connects to
provider A via provider B requesting this information.

According to point 2m this information will be automatically move to 
provider B.
1) Is the fact that the provider B possibly can't handle such a huge
amount of information neglected ?
2) Who will charge the user X for storage, retrieval and perhaps
this information (see point 2m). Provider A or provider B 

In Dream Machine Nelson wrote about the grand dream of Hypertext that
everything shall be in hypertext. Point 2h in the FAQ says that the
'Permission to link to a document is explicitly granted by the act of
If everything is in hypertext an accessible via provider, how do you
restricted access for the reason of privacy or secrecy (thinking of 
corporations or gouverments) ?

Referring to education Nelson wrote that there will be no need for
The pupils will learn by exploring the Xanadu system. 
I think that teachers and especially what their teaching can be
controlled to
a certain degree. There will be no effective control over the Xanadu
in its function as a teacher, especially concerning political or similar
groups openly spreading their ideas ?

Without removing any document out of Xanadu how do you want to handle
'junk-information' ?

The WWW is already very big. Do you want to take over the Web with
Xanadu or do
you want to build your own system which will replace the WWW ?

h) The WWW lives from the many young people who don't want to pay any
Do you think that Xanadu will be alive like the WWW if you implement a
system ?

i) What are the reasons for Ted Nelson selling Xanadu to Autodesk in
1988 and 
rebuying it in 1992?