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Re: Building Xanadu.....

> Subject:  Building Xanadu.....
> From: Art Pollard <pollarda@xxxxxxxxxx>
> I have developed over the last several years the backend of what could
> become Xanadu someday.  (Or, a system which is comparable to Xanadu in
> functionality.)
> The back end engine is capable of providing for the management of Xanadu
> like documents.  Some of the attributes of documents which use the engine
> which I have developed as a backend are as follows:
> 1) Documents are stored compressed in approximately 1/2 of their original 
>    space.
> 2) The document file contains:
> 	1) The text of the document
> 	2) An inverted index for the document
> 	3) Any addition meta information such as images, audio, etc.
> 	4) Misc. Info for manageing the above.
> 3) The documents are searchable either with boolean or ranked queries.
> 4) Links are autonomous and have attributes such as author, creation date,
>    etc.
> 5) The documents are capable of being anywhere from several K in size to
>    multiple GB in size.
> 6) Documents are dynamic and may be edited either with an editor or
>    remotely via a network.
> 7) Links remain intact even after a document has been edited.
> 8) Security features such as user groups and/or encryption may be used
>    to help ensure that only someone who has permission to view a document 
>    or portion thereof may.
> I know that a lot of people on this list would love to bring Xanadu to
> pass.  (I know I sure would.)  I would like to try to find one or more
> people who would be interested in helping financially or otherwise to
> finish this project up and bring it to a point where it may be released.
> If you or someone you know would be interested, I would greatly appreciate
> hearing from you.


sounds very interesting.

Well, we have running Solaris2.5.x, may be Solaris2.6 soon, but I think 
these systems are so much widely spreaded all over the world that it 
may make no sense to offer any beta building/testing for your software.

On the other hand:
I don't want to promise too much at the moment, but what I could think of
to provide an European mirror of the distribution tree of your stuff.

What about this??

I appreciate your/any feedback.

Have a nice time

Michael Schmidt                    mschmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
                    SAMBA Admin
Server fuer / Server for  MS + Win95 + WinNT + LANManager
              Fachhochschule Koblenz