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Re: Spam to Xanadu list?

On Mon, Sep 22, 1997 at 08:16:35AM -0700, Rich Pasco wrote:
> Andrew, I don't feel comfortable with the Xanadu mailing list being used
> to disribute chain letters, especially those which appear to advertise
> the personal needs of one individual writer who as far as I know is not
> affiliated in any way with Project Xanadu.  What is the connection
> between Spider Robinson and Project Xanadu?  If none, then why are we
> being subjected to this advertisement for his books?

Because I felt that his plea is a perfect demonstration of another reason
why Xanadu is more essential to the future of literature than ever.
To quote from his message:

> Times have changed. If you love books, you must now start to change your
> thinking, and come to see them as precious, evanescent fireflies, which
> flicker briefly and then are no more. If you do not stay alert for them, and
> grab them on sight, they will probably never be reprinted: the concept of
> backlist is on its way to the ash-heap. 

In other words, print literature is starting to become as evanescent as the
Web!  I believe that in principle, it is more feasible to set up stable,
long-term publishing with worldwide availability online than it is in print
because of the cost, space and speed advantages.  Publishing for posterity
has always been one of the Xanadu goals.

Share and enjoy literature,
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