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"LUX vs. NUSL < XU

Old news: I've decided that OSMIC should be the name of the
 public-domain data-structure level we've been working on
 (a public-domain version of the 88.1 Xanadu data structure level).
 This includes transclusion and data-based links.

However, the next level up-- structure, documents, other topology--
 is really a separate level and needs another name.

"Universal Structure Level" is basically the concept.  However,
 "USL" doesn't sound great.  I am considering two other names
 in particular: LUX and NUSL.

LUX (Level of Universal Structure) sounds nice-- Light and Luxury,
 deluxe, Luxor-- but not many people know that "X" xtands for
 Xtructure !-)

NUSL is therefore my favorite.  If so, where the "N" is to have
 come from has to be decided.  Possibilities include
Natural (sounds very Ecological, Environmental-Safe).

Suggestions welcome across this whole problem.

Best, T