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RE: Plagiarism? Or bad technology?

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Jay Osako wrote:

> I apologize for this, as it is indeed bad technology of the Micro$oft
> kind. Specificall,y at my workplace we are required (!) to use MS
> Outho^H^Hlook for all mail. Since Outlook does not follow anything
> similar to standard usage (it assumes your followup will appear *before*
> the replied-to message, apparently SOP for business mail) it screwed up
> my reply. This is not this frist time this has happened, and I can find
> few remedies short of manually entering the '>'. This is problematic
> since Outlook inserts an attiribution on every new parapgrah, a
> 'feature' that can't be disabled.

Of course....  We should have known that it would be traced eventually to
a problem in M$ software.  Micro$oft has ideals as far away from Xanadu as
Hell is from Heaven.


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