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Re: Transclusion Issues

Rich Pasco wrote:
> I believe in these Principles:
> (1) Any author should be allowed to withdraw or edit any part of his
>     text at any time.
> (2) No author should be able to alter another's original text, but
>     should be allowed to excerpt, quote and highlight passages.


> Given these two principles, what if Author A modifies his text after
> Author B writes a criticism of it in which he transcludes part of the
> original text?

The transclusion applies to the original version.

> What if Author A's modification deletes or modifies the portion of the
> text which Author B's document criticizes?

This would only matter if Author A also withdrew the original version
from publication, a fairly serious step.

> This renders the review obsolete (and perhaps moot).

> With Transclusion, presumably Author B would be informed of Author A's
> modifications, and have the option of revising his review.

Sure, that could certainly be implemented and would be desirable.

> If the changes by Author A substantially alter the content of the document
> (e.g. deleting a paragraph which Author B found offensive) then the updates
> to Author B's document cannot be done automatically, because they necessitate
> Author B's human consideration of the changed meaning.  What happens if
> Author B is on vacation?

Then it'll have to wait until Author B gets back!  :-)  But in the meantime
Author B's comments still apply to the original version of Author A's document
as originally intended.

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