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Re: HI. Wow. Thanks. [this version OK for publishing]

"Ray Ozzie" <ray@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>It's interesting to hear that Xanadu is starting over.  Presumably you're
>starting with the Internet and distributed computing as a new technology

Edward Cherlin wrote:
> Wow, indeed. Tell us more.

Well, in the last few years since the Xanadu trademark reverted to Ted we
have been inspired by the success of the many open development projects
flourishing on the Internet such as Linux, Apache and many others.
As a result we are recapitulating the Xanadu development as an open
system under the name of OSMIC (Open System for Media Inter-Connection)
with intial work already being carried out at Keio University.  We hope
to launch a few things at Ted's 60th birthday party in Tokyo next month.

> Yes. I have been designing an integrated book/Web site/CD-ROM/MOO using
> Xanadu principles, which is why I'm waiting for news of implementations on
> this list.

I am also interested in your work - please tell us more if you can.

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