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European Tour Dates :-)

Here is the itinerary for my European tour during April:

Fri 4th             Depart Melbourne at 4pm, transit Singapore 9:30-10:30pm
Sat 5th             Transit Frankfurt 5:30-7:30am, arrive London 8:20am,
                    Woking CoachLink (bus and train) to Southampton.
Sun 6th - Mon 7th   3rd Open Hypermedia Systems Workshop in Southampton
Tue 8th             Tutorial on HyperWave in Southampton
Wed 9th - Fri 11th  Hypertext '97 conference in Southampton
Sat 12th            Train to London, visit my brother
Sun 13th            Depart London 9am, arrive Vienna at noon, train to Graz
Mon 14th - Tue 15th Talk on HyperWave applications in Graz
Wed 16th            Train to Stuttgart via Vienna
Thu 17th - Fri 18th Visit my grandmother in Stuttgart
Sat 19th            Train to Kaiserslautern, visit Peter Schmidt
Sun 20th            Drive to Frankfurt, depart 11:15am
                    Transit London noon-1:30pm
Mon 21st            Arrive Tokyo 9:10am, train to Shonandai

I will return from Japan in the first week of May.  If anyone in or near
any of the cities listed above would like to meet me, please let me know!

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