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Sunrise on Xanadu

Last Thursday (October 3rd) I was visited by Craig Bellamy, a former
Autodesk employee presently studying history at Melbourne University.
He wanted to find out how Xanadu was going, and was interested in
Xanalogical tools for storing and publishing historical records.  He
also brought a copy of an Autodesk circular which was very interesting.
The title page begins:

Sunrise on Xanadu

A Xanadu front end for Sun workstations allows exploration of the
Xanadu hypertext system in a contemporary window-based environment.
Rudimentary integration of raster images and AutoCAD databases is
allowed, and full source code is supplied as a base for further

Turbo Digital

by John Walker
October 6, 1988

The rest of the six-page paper discusses a functional, if incomplete,
graphical user interface front-end written by John Walker for the 1988
Xanadu back-end.  It is clear that in 1988, before WWW, Hyper-G or
Microcosm, there was already a functioning Xanadu prototype with similar
or more advanced capabilities than present day Hypermedia software.

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