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How's this for a product for those determined to oppose rather than
leverage the advantages of the technology:


SiteShield(tm) is designed to add an extra layer of complication to your
WWW server in order to prevent images and other multimedia content from
being transcluded.  The idea is that images etc. can only be retrieved
if the page which contains the transclusion comes from the same site as
the image itself.  This is intended to "permit content providers to
place copyright-protected images on web pages without the fear that they
can easily be stolen and re-used".  Of course, this will merely
encourage people to simply screen capture the images and place a copy on
their own site rather than linking to the original, thus losing the
original context altogether.

Maximized Software have also announced plans for a product called
"Anti-linker" which I believe is intended to cause hyperlinks to a site
to fail if not made from authorised pages, thus further reducing a
site's availability.  These products are intended to give old media
customers the control they have been so desperately missing, rather
than teaching them how to leverage the "fast, cheap and out of control"
culture of the Internet.  Thumbs down.

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