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Re: More Xanadu competition

> Two online services are offering data archiving services, making it easier
> for PC users to back up their files on a regular basis.  McAfee Associates'
> Personal Vault offers storage of up to 10 megabytes of data for $10 a month
> using McAfee's $49 WebStor software.  Subscribers can access the data an
> unlimited number of times.  Connected's DataSafe plans to charge $14.95 a
> month to store 50 megabytes of material, and will also offer archival
> CD-ROMs for $24.95 each.  (Investor's Business Daily 29 May 96 A6)
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> seeking to transform education through the use of information technology.
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I'm amazed it took so long for anyone else to think of this.  I've been
backing my data up to other machines across the network for some time.
However, it's still not Xanadu - because it's not transparent.  Rather
than having to actively back up and restore data, it would be much
better to have the confidence that all your data is automatically
mirrored on computers in distant locations without any extra action on
your part.  It needs to be at the OS level.  Of course, you might want
your private files stored in an encrypted filesystem before mirroring.

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