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RE: What should hyperlinks do? What attributes should they

At 04:01 17.03.96 +0100, you wrote:
>IMHO, a good example of a transclusion attribute would be "latest version"
or a specific version.
>> > Some of the attributes I have come up with for links are as follows:
>> > 
>> > Author
>> > Creation Date
>> > Title
>> > Comments
>> > etc.
>I would tend to view the above as attributes of the transcluded material
rather >than of the link itself.
I do not think so. Especially within Hyper-G a link can be created at any
time without changing the document itself (think of links within sounds or
movies) and therfore we added an author and creation date attribute.

Consider the case that you are searching for all changes on a server in the
last day (search for -1d on a Hyper-G server).


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