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Re: Definition of Xanadu per Ted and Kathy

> From: jbc@xxxxxxxxxx (Jim Bryce Clark)
> Reply-To: xanadu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 08:34:29 GMT
> Sender: avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> In my field (law), twenty or thirty successive versions of a document are
> not uncommon.  The idea of a "final" document, the finality of which
> justifies throwing out all the historical drafts and previous work, is fast
> becoming obsolete.  IMHO, the most important contribution of Xanadu to
> information management may not be hypertext, but rather an improved
> understanding of the identity of information -- what, taken together,
> constitutes "one" document for conceptual purposes?
> I'd be delighted if someone could direct me to any serious discussions of
> the foregoing problem -- *other than yours*.  I haven't seen any. 

See here, but I don't think you *know* my definition
 of a document.  Am I to take it that it is of no
 interest regardless, because of its source?

However that may be, my definition is currently as follows:

"The owned name and boundary for an arbitrary collection of versions
 containing original and/or transcluded materials, 
moving and changing through time."

The operative unit is therefore the version.

Best, Ted


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