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Re: Definition of Xanadu (fwd)

>Hi Katherine--
>(Have you gone to a different last name?  Or did I just not know?)
>Anyhow, I THINK what I mean is media.  Managing "content" is the
> Negroponte line-- analyzing the contents, knowing what they
> contain, being able to spew them back out in English or Swahili.
> To me, "media" just means the text, the frames, the audio samples,
> the brushstrokes.
>However, I need to be alert to other interpretations, so if you
> have any, plz lemme know.


Thank you for the response.  Sorry I made it more difficult by changing
back to my domain name -- I've kept lots of people confused with
flip-flopping in that regard lately.  With luck, since I've moved to a new,
*reliable* ISP now it won't need to change again, ever.

Should I get the gush out of the way first?  <G> It's quite a thrill to me
to get a direct communication from someone who's work has influenced my
life and career so heavily.  I'll tell you about it sometime if you're
interested.  I've even been told by someone who was on the contract eval
committee that a paper I wrote for the NASA Space Station contract proposal
(1988), which was very hypertext/hypermedia intensive, was the determining
factor in their awarding it to Boeing, and that it was the hyper-things
that did it.

Regarding "media" -- you are using the word differently from the way I was
thinking of it.  I understand "media" as being the means for delivering
content -- paper, online networks, CD-ROM, tape, floppy disks, etc.  You
seem to have something partway between what I use "media" for and
Negroponte's "content" in mind.  I'd call what you are discussing "methods"
rather than "media."  You certainly are not discussing content.

Warm regards,


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