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Re: Xanadu Home Page

> I found two articles to be of particular interest on the Xanadu Home Page 
> that has been set up by Andrew Pam (http://www.aus.xanadu.com/xanadu).  
> One was prepared by Andrew ("Where the World Wide Web Went Wrong"), and 
> the other by Katherine Phillips ("The Real Internet Revolution" or "You 
> Think This Is A Revolution - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet").

Katherine Phelps.  Thank you - I'm delighted you liked our papers!

> In addition, there is a great deal of background information on Xanadu 
> with the promise of more to come.  (For any of you who do not have ready 
> access to the Web, I will be happy to e-mail you copies of the articles.) 

I am also happy to provide this service to anyone on request.

> However, while the articles clearly explain why the Web does *not* make 
> Xanadu "unnecessary", I fear that associating Xanadu with the 
> Web will tend to obscure the fact that the Xanadu information 
> architecture is appropriate (and even necessary) for many (if not all) 
> advanced business applications.  

Perhaps you could prepare some kind of position paper on this?

> The good news is that - reportedly - Roger Gregory and Keith Henson have 
> the Xanadu software "up and running".

Yes, I am delighted to report that I have heard this from Keith also.

> In addition, I have talked with Charlie Smith, and while AIDEMemoir
> may be on the back burner (possibly with the heat turned off), at least
> it is still on the Filoli stove.


> While all of this is still a long way from  having a commercial product 
> available, it is enough to regenerate some enthusiasm on my part. 

Good to hear it!  Xanadu seems to have a remarkably phoenix-like history.

> In the process of writing a paper on medical information systems with Jim 
> Westphal, I intend to spin-off scenarios describing products and services 
> which I am convinced would be relatively easy to implement using current 
> technologies *plus* AIDEMemoir-Xanadu.  With those in hand, we should be 
> ready to pursue some serious product planning (and financing).  

Excellent.  I look forward to hearing publication details.

> "Immortality is to labor at an eternal task."  Ernest (Joseph) Renan

Hah, no doubt an intentionally apposite quote!  How about:

This year in Xanadu,
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