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Re: tech advances

> From avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wed Dec 20 17:23:54 1995
> Subject: tech advances 
> To: xanadu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> From: arkuat@xxxxxxxxx (Eric Watt Forste)
> Reply-To: xanadu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 14:43:14 -0800
> Sender: avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I'm writing a "Tech Advances" column for future issues of Extropy magazine,
> and we are near deadline for issue #17. I promise the list I won't do this
> more often than every six months or so. Does anyone have any concrete
> technical advances that they are now ready to announce, that weren't ready
> for publicity (say) six months ago? If so, I'd love to get a brief summary
> report for the column. We are particular intererested in reporting on the
> continuing development of Xanadu and of Xanadu-like extensions to the Web.
> You can always reach me as arkuat@xxxxxxxxxx
> Eric Watt Forste   <arkuat@xxxxxxxxx>   http://www.c2.org/~arkuat/


Well, at the HyperLab we have a zipper list editor,
 (1965 chunk-style Xanadu), implemented by our Mr. Ookubo.
But it's still an experimental version and I don't know
 what the release plans are now.

On another front, Transcopyright is articulated
 as a separate legal doctrine, 
and the issue of appropriate protocol is under discussion.

(I'll send in next emails.)


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