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> From avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wed Nov 22 07:12:36 1995
> Subject: RE: "xurl? 
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> From: oster@xxxxxxxxxx (David Phillip Oster)
> Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 08:21:17 -0800
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> Naturally, in a project like this I don't want to re-invent the wheel.
> To write your Mac product, I'll need access to the relevant technical specs,
> and where those specs don't exist, we'll need to write at least a first
> draft.


My schedule: CATCH UP through Monday.

Week in Tokyo.

Catch up some more.

May or may not get stuff out to you before that trip.

Keep reminding me.

Best, T

P.S.  Excellent arguments are coming in both for and against
 putting the protocol under http.  Perhaps we should try it both ways.