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Re: timid lurker seeks help

> I've been lurking on this list for a week or so now. I'm not sure if this
> question is really appropriate for the list, so I'm a bit shy about posting
> it, but I'd like your help so I have no choice.

On the contrary, we welcome your question!

> I have a section on the history of hypertext, so of course, Xanadu came up.
> Below, I have attached the three scant paragraphs I can afford to dedicate
> to Xanadu in my paper. I was hoping some of the folks close to the project
> could review this first draft and advise me of any improvements I might 
> make. 

It looks pretty good to me.  Well done.  You might be interested in Hyper-G,
a second-generation network Hypermedia system upward compatible with Gopher
and WWW which is directly based on the Xanadu ideas.  It allows users to
transclude entire documents, though it doesn't currently support
fine-grained transclusion of document fragments.  This will require client
support for inline text in the same way as the existing <IMG> tag.  I am
still mystified by the omission of this useful concept from the HTML
standard, and hope that some sort of <TXT SRC=x> tag is implemented soon.

Share and enjoy,
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