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Jumping into the dialog between Andrew and David:

> > This may seem like idle nonsense, but it raises the questions of "What
> > are the limits of transcopyright?", and "Are all bits equally
> > valuable?"
> In the Xanadu system, the value of bits is assigned by their author.

Correction: publisher.   We utterly support self-publishing, 
 but the legal distinction is important: whoever actually publishes
 is the PUBLISHER, whether or not the author takes the legal heat.

> It is then up to the readers to decide if they are willing to pay the
> price!  The network may be a "perfect market", where it is always
> possible to discover the price of all sources of the same or similar
> merchandise.  (There is an interesting experiment along these lines
> where a program consults all the CD retailers on the Internet and
> gives you the lowest price for any CD of your choice.)

Best, Ted