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Re: "xurl?


This furthers my understanding.  Each of us has his/her/our central
 concerns, and the key is to understand each other.  I get the idea
 better now.

BTW, tell me about yourself?



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> Subject: Re: "xurl?
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> From: william@xxxxxxxxxxxx (William C. Archibald)
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> > At what level should there be a protocol difference for
> >  transcopyrighted material?
> > [ ... a number of interesting observations and arguments elided . . .]
> I think it is valuable to recognize that there are several things
> going on here:
> 	A) Signification of 'Transcopyright'
> 	B) Message Transport Layer
> 	C) Role of URL/URN/URI
> No one would argue that transcopyright is something that should and
> arguably _must_ be differentiated somehow from other types of
> material and services. Thus it is necessary to signify trancopyright.
> HTTP though, is not just a "web thing" for html documents. It is a
> transport layer for all sorts of (MIME) objects and data constructs 
> -- as are smtp, nntp, and to some degree ftp.
> It is important to disengage in our minds the transport layer, the
> content being transported (or not being transported), the visual
> display of the content being transported, the rights associated
> with the content being transported, and the way the content being
> transported is paid for. 
> Why? Because treating each of these as orthogonal, and essentially
> independent concepts allows each of them to evolve independently of
> the others, and allows each of them to utilize advances in all of
> the others when they occur.
> URLs are a wonderful invention because they allow specification
> of transport and a virtual or physical path to the document -- all
> in one fell swoop. Surely there is an appropriate add-on to the URL
> that doesn't require replacement of an entire message transport substrate.
> Thus, I would argue that because 'xu' isn't a signifier of transport,
> like http and ftp, but rather of transcopyright -- the URL should
> in fact be something like:
> 	http://xu-hoohah.com/
> or better yet tie it to the Content-type: application/xu, which
> allows the best of all worlds:
> 	Transport independence: mail, news, http
> 	Security system independence: S/MIME, MOSS, STT, SSL, ...
> 	Payment system independence: SEPP, STT, Digicash, SPaM, ...
> And give you the ability to make strides on the things that are important:
> namely the concept and deployment of transcopyright.
> I remain, humbly,
> w. archibald
> =