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Visit to Sapporo Hyperlab

We have just returned from our visit to the Sapporo Hyperlab, and are
now immersed in our preparations for the Asia-Pacific WWW conference
in Sydney next week.  However, I thought it important to fire off a
message informing you of some relevant developments from our trip.

Ted was quite anxious to have me demonstrate and explain my perception
of Hyper-G both to the Xanadu team (including Roger Gregory, who was
visiting from the United States) and to the Hyperlab members.  He
therefore suggested that the topic of my talk sponsored by Hokkaido
University should be "Xanadu Media Strategies: Delivering Movies
with Hyper-G".

The audience for my talk consisted of:

Mr. Asai, ASCII Corporation
Mr. Roger Gregory, Xanadu Operating Company Inc.
Mr. Minoru Hidaka, Hitachi
Ms. Hatsuki Hongo, Sapporo Hyperlab
Ms. Ryoko Kanbayashi, TecNova Company Ltd.
Ms. Marlene Mallicoat, Project Xanadu
Ms. Anne Nadreau, DATT Japan
Mr. Kazuhide Nakajima, Fuji Xerox
Mr. Takashi Nakajima, NTT
Mr. Ted Nelson, Project Xanadu
Mr. Kiyoki Ookubo, Sapporo Electronics Center
Ms. Katherine Phelps, Glass Wings
Mr. Yoshihiko Takebe, Fujitsu
Mr. Yuzuru Tanaka, Hokkaido University
Mr. Joseph Wu, DATT Japan

My talk was followed by Roger speaking on "Hot Tech Xanadu Server
Strategies", Ted speaking on "Xanadu Client Strategies: The Deep End",
and Katherine on "Experiences of a Net Publisher".  The talk was well
received, with a number of interested questions from Professor Tanaka,
Ted and Roger, among others.  Due to the network bandwidth available
between Sapporo and Graz it did not prove possible for me to demonstrate
the live display of MPEG video as planned, but most other aspects of
Hyper-G and the Harmony client for SunOS 4.1.3 (without OpenGL support,
and thus without VRML or the Information Landscape) were demonstrated
and discussed.

The following day (Wednesday, the day of our return) I created an
account for Ted on the Xanadu Australia Hyper-G server and spent
a little time demonstrating it to him and discussing the possibilities
with Ted, Marlene and Roger - right up to our departure at Sapporo
Airport!  While a number of facilities not currently provided by
Hyper-G were discussed, Ted did comment that Hyper-G seemed to be
a suitable repository for his documents for the next few years,
high praise indeed.

More trip reports after we return from Sydney, so stay tuned!

Share and enjoy,
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