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Re: the yearly flurry of email messages...

Am 10.02.2011 09:54, schrieb Craig Latta:
> Hi Hans-Martin!
>      I'm delighted to contribute to the flurry. :)
>      I have all the extant bits and pieces from back in the day (and
> even the SPARCstation hardware it ran on)... but... yes, the ParcPlace
> stuff is the sticking point. Udanax Gold runs on ParcPlace Objectworks
> Smalltalk circa 1988, and the nominal latest-and-greatest version I got
> from Roger Gregory crashes the Objectworks virtual machine.
Hi Craig, just after I subscribed I noticed that you're long subscribed to this list...
If you could put the image (and preferrably, its sources and changes)
somewhere where I could download it, I could have a look at it.
(if that's ok with Roger and other folks).
Of course, I don't have a SPARC here, but that should not matter much, as I would use a contemporary VM anyway.