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html interface to green--WebDAV?

Roger said:

I intend to hack up a cgi interface that will let us retrieve and modify docs and links through html/cgi commands or xml. If anyone has suggestions on the cleanest way to do this we should talk, otherwise I'll hack up something direct and uuugly......

Don't laugh: WebDAV?
or http://www.webdav.org

It's just a thought.  I've worked on a whole different version system
that didn't map to conventional ideas of version systems, so I know
what it means to have a standard that allows for everything but what
you need, but maybe in this case there's a way to wedge the two.

And there's this guy's URL extension for spans:

Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 01:37:22 -1000
From: "sle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <rocker@xxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: rocker@xxxxxxxx
Organization: SenseMedia Netcasting
To: Ted Nelson

I have recently defined a new URL extension of the form:


which dereferences http://foo/bar, section 1, subsection 2, attachment
[a], span(5142-5778)

i have this working now with text, successfully tested with mp3 audio
and have defined image details (5,10-400,420) for implementation soon.

i have a new cross platform client/server that i have written from
scratch which stands to be a real release candiate for a xanadu type
system that seems to reflect your preferences for how it should work.