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token word, a xanalogical system w/ micropayments online

Title: token word, a xanalogical system w/ micropayments onli
Good news, everyone!

Jason Rohrer has put "token word" up.  This is from his
paper http://hypertext.sf.net/token_word/token_word.pdf :

We describe token word, a web-based xanalogical hypertext
system. Our system supports almost every core feature as-
sociated with Xanadu, an architecture that has been ac-
tively discussed for nearly forty years. Features include deep
quotation, unbreakable references, two-way reference chas-
ing, and frictionless micropayments that are backed by real-
world currency.

The system is available for use and experimentation at

Rohrer says he wrote the code, a Perl cgi script, in ten days.
It's open source.

The paper describes the implementation.  The feature set is very
basic, and the implementation of transclusion is very basic,
but danged if it ain't.

P.S. Jeff, what's with the sunless-sea.net/forum page?  I don't
see recent messages showing up there.