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Re: the current state of things

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On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 05:57:38PM -0800, Craig Latta wrote:
> What is the relationship of Xanadu Australia to the other
> Xanadu-related entities?

The name Xanadu is a trademark of Ted Nelson and Xanadu Australia operates
under license from Ted.  Xanadu Australia operates many of the Xanadu
and Udanax websites, mailing lists, archives, domain names and other IT
infrastructure but our primary mission is to support Project Xanadu and
also pursue independent research on Xanadu related technologies.

> What's going on at Xanadu Australia these days?

Currently I am working on a "culture manifesto":

: Draft 2001/02/08
: ----------------
: Main goals - preserve culture, extend access and possibilities with
: new tools enabled by digital media.

And also on peer-to-peer web technology:

: Peer-to-peer web
: ================
: First draft 12 Nov 2001 by Andrew Pam <xanni@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
: Goal: reduce load (and hence cost) on web servers, improve performance
: and availability for clients.
: Achieved by making content available from other users, not centralised.
: Therefore also allow users to become archivists/mirrors to guarantee
: stable availability (in addition to just transient caching.)
: Proposal: public proxy caches plus cache and mirror auto-discovery plus
: cache and mirror validation.  Optionally also "push-caching".

Of course I am also following other related work in these areas.

Hope that helps,
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