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Re: Anniversary of Xanadu Going Open Source

roger gregory wrote:
> You are at least somewhat right.  I've been swamped with personal things,
> but I've found a number of documents that will help.  I've got the paper versions
> and probably can find the electronic originals.  I also have permission to post
> the entire log email log of the development of Gold, though it should be edited
> to remove irrelivant personal stuff.  I could use some help on that.


I'm perfectly willing to review email logs and remove personal stuff.
Just email it or make it available for FTP someplace.  I can place
the results on my own webserver and/or on the Xanadu/Udanax sites,
if their webmasters are available.

And if you've found the paper docs, you can save time and scan them
in or ship them to me and I'll scan and post them.

I realize you're busy but I'm willing to take on the job of recording
the technical legacy of Xanadu.  Right now I'm cleaning up the
Xanadu-Green sources, fixing some compiler warnings and adding blocks
of comments to each file/function.  The Xanadu-Gold sources are
giving me much more trouble as I don't know SmallTalk and although
I have a textbook here, its hard to relate the code to an unknown
algorithm re the Ent.

-Jeff Rush