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Would bidirectional links show the way?


Some introductory words about my interests here; I am no programmer but I
participate in software development projects (and buy software). I've
started learning about open-source movement and Udanax. I think I will take
some time to carefully study the very basics of "the better hypertext" as
stated and partially developed by Ted Nelson and others.  

What interests me is the philosophy of "udanax-like hypertext" and the
effect it already has among many other groups and companies. Even thoughts
are important as we steer ourselves to the future. 

Starting from the article by Vannevar Bush (1945) to these days much have
been written about a better hypertext and cyberspace, compared to what we
usually have today (the Web). However, what I'm wondering right now (and
with the apparatus now in hand) is this: are there any applications or
browser plug-ins that could make bidirectional and exact links between parts
of documents? This would be a good way to teach people, to show them this
"slice of the future" and maybe gain growing support to the development of

I'm talking about bidirectional links because I find that it is the very
good starting point to generate new and deeper relationships between people
that do writing and reading in the Web. As soon as it is possible to make
better hypertext and tighter ties between authors, there will be a whole new
meaning and feeling in writing. 

Of course, one thing is the rights of authors. Big publishing houses
(companies) and some libraries are working on Digital Object Identifier
system (perhaps there are more of systems) but it seems that within that
sphere there will be no space for individual authors, let alone the amount
of money to be accepted within the system. As I see it, bidirectional
linking and closer net contact between all kinds of authors would be very
fruitful and make things shift towards Udanax-like future.

For my curriculum vitae, please see my pages at

Have a nice day!



Sami Määttä

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