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Re: Alive?

I posted a similar message a few weeks ago. I'm very interested in understanding the algorithms in the Udanax code -- I don't know if the code itself needs to live on or not, since many of the issues that it addresses (persistent storage, virtual memory management in small memory systems, remote procedure calls) are now solvable either by simply throwing hardware at the problem or available as standard facilities in appropriate development systems.

The algorithmic knowledge developed by the Xanadu principals, however, may well be unique.

I've been trying to figure out how the code works, and will volunteer again here to help anyone write this stuff up as a proper paper.

I posted URLs to a few code browsers I quickly hacked together, and some musing on what I have managed to extract from my occasional evenings of code-browsing over the last few months.

I'll repost if there's interest. My first posting produced no response at all.

-- David


Seems that nothing has happened... or what?

I'm very much interested in the future of better linking and better



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