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febe interface async?

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 90 16:33:14 PDT
   From: xanadu!autodesk!thezahir!peb (Paul Baclaski)

   We need to know whether the febe interface (and obviously, fm) is
   reentrant and asynchronous.  This affects the design of the montage
   scheduler and also impacts the user interface.   

Wow.  The short answer is "it hasn't been tested to be, so it isn't
(yet)".  The long answer is more complicated.  It certainly isn't with
respect to pre-emptive scheduling.  We've got some good ideas there,
but we've decided to postpone worrying about them.  We didn't think
you'd be asking us so soon (and there's so much else to worry about.
sigh...).  For certain meanings of "reentrant and asynchronous" I
think we can provide a satisfactory solution soon.  This should be a
long conversation.  I can only speak for X++ and febe, but not for fm.