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Weekly Planning Meeting, 10/02

Highlights 10/02:

Well, everyone, I have such good news this week that my smile 
is hurting my face. Twice before, events of such wonder have 
occurred that I have given standing ovations in the weekly meeting. 
Today I get to do it again.

This week, the standing ovation goes to markm, who has finished 
the permission system (smalltalk version) almost 2 months ahead 
of schedule. 

Finished? Early!? MARKM??!! Whew! :-)

Even more interesting, since the permission system was the largest 
project on my PERT chart, this knocks the bottom out of our timelines: 
Folks, for perhaps the first time in 20 years, Xanadu as a whole 

Ahead? Of Schedule!? XANADU??!! Whew, Whew!! :-)

After having promised so many people, so many times, that we 
would start a limited release of the Server to developers "soon", 
it looks like, this time, it's really true.

Big congratulations this week go to rick, andy, and hill. Andy 
has elk running on the Mac. And rick (in combination with mlb, 
I believe) had a breakthrough in figuring out how to support 
software factories in Montage--at least it looks like a breakthrough 
to me, because, looking at the functions he designed, it's the 
first time I've felt like I understood what was going on with 
factories :-) 

Meanwhile, in addition to completing a stepper for the grandhash, 
and retrofitting all the deletes into destructs, Mr. hill has 
separated the server from the frontend tools, so that the server 
works across the lan (though the Server does, ah, crash the second 
time you log in :-).

Congratulations also go to bill, hugh, dean, and chris. Bill 
completed the entry receiver recipe needed for running FeBe down 
the wire. Dean is now garbage collecting berts off the disk as 
well as stamps; once he completes the collection of canopies, 
he will be done with this task and ready to go on to archiving 
(which is the most-postponed undertaking of the project, I think 
:-). Chris has movements separated out for the version comparison, 
ready for display. And hugh has upgraded text handling to allow 
multiple runs per line, which is necessary for, among other things, 
multiple font display and version comparison.

Meetings: Bill, michael, merge again. Ravi, find method prototype 
for michael. Hill, hugh, ravi, tables. Markm, michael, et. al, 
function hiding. Marcs, hugh, next task. Hugh, michael, bugs 
in sets. Roger, markm, backup vlad. Ravi, roger, hugh, teach 
hill fm tests. Roland, ravi, michael, hill, binding com.ents 
in formic. Roland, michael, the return of a const parameter in 
C. Michael, dean, discuss resthome. Ravi, dean, garbage coliect 
canopies. Marcs, dean, time for bertstamp reclamation. Hugh, 
chris, comparison tools in fm. Michael, dean, second snarf packing 
meeting. Roger, ravi, where font info lies. 

Anyway, this week's task list is as follows:

A.       dean

x    10/02/90     berts gc done
     10/09/90     canopies gc correctly
     10/16/90     remember what doesn't work in signals

B.       hill

x    10/02/90     turn delete to destruct in smalltalk
x    9/27/90     complete stepper for grandhash
     10/09/90     where vtable lies in zortech

C.       hugh

x    10/02/90     permission test differences display
x    10/02/90     multiple runs per line

D.       markm

x    10/02/90     absence of metaclubs means self meta
x    10/02/90     testers on existing permissions
     10/02/90     message on overloading
x    10/02/90     create new readclub with members null
     10/09/90     constructor bombs in smalltalk
x    10/16/90     club desc add shared edit club loc, use everywhere, create shared edit club as needed
x    10/22/90     create read club's shared edit club with gatekeeper's club as member
x    10/30/90     fix nonclub berts to have the 2new berts the read club of the stamp share
     10/09/90     compile and link the permissions system in 
     11/27/90     tests for clubs

E.       marcs

x    10/02/90     fixed toolbook
x    10/02/90     first monthly report for al
     10/09/90     draft plan for documentation, start work toward consensus
     10/09/90     find markm's X++ videotape
     10/09/90     design for minimal spire complete
     10/11/90     message on videotaping
     10/28/90     collect sqa notes
     10/28/90     start second round of patenting work
     10/30/89     figure out whether links are standalone objects

F.       michael

     10/09/90     stubble methods for shepherd stubs
     10/09/90     interface to urdi
     10/09/90     viewhandler: connect to dean's stuff

G.       ravi

     9/27/90     enhance smalltalk to ignore groups of conflicts
     10/09/90     go to CSCW
     10/09/90     aspects menu item
     10/09/90     spire design
     10/09/90     add wait for open to gatekeeper since sensors work (from markm list)

I.       roger

     10/09/90     merge hugh's stuff, 
     10/16/90     merge ravi's whole application

J.       roland

     10/09/90     write translator for C++ to documentation 

K.       Bill

x    10/02/90     entry receiver recipe
     10/09/90     upgrade suns to 4.1

L.       Joel

     10/21/90     find replacement for bobp

M.       Chris

x    9/27/90     insertions, deletions identified and ready
x    10/02/90     get move stored, ready for presentation
     10/09/90     mail message, compile error with new proxies
     10/02/90     display a version compare

N.       Rick

x    10/02/90     breakthrough design for montage factories
     10/09/90     paper for carl

O.       Paul

x    10/02/90     show environment
     10/09/90     load tracing
     10/09/90     hook debugging to windows

P.       Andy

x    10/02/90     mac elk done
     10/06/90     Investigate SIOW for main tty window
     10/06/90     Port Rick's sunview interface
     10/16/90     browser

Q.       Rob

x    9/18/90     find and destroy bug in continuations

L.       Small Tasks List

    add newlines to the smalltalk transcripts
    Cleanup region code
    Sequence # in smalltalk, dean & michael versions
    Test files
    fix stubble for 1-way connections for dean

L.       Deferred Meetings:

     After First Dev Release, markm, chris, deletion of actual object, propagate comm properly
     Markm, paul, rick, zstep debugger
     Roger, hugh, reproducible Tapestry tests.
     discuss stubble for ADI with autodesk
     Dean, michael, structured debug on the ent.
     Michael, dean, markm, ravi, efficiency of internsets.
     Roger,, hugh, dean, ravi discuss system independent attributes
         for the frontends  after fm does paragraphs.
     Roland, dean, discuss xlint commands in smalltalk.
     Markm, hill, discuss explicit deletion of orgls & refcount deletion.
     Markm, hill, discuss exception handling on sensors between comm handlers.
     Dean, roger, michael, markm, discuss sequence numbers of size 4 billion.
     Dean, markm, discuss intersecting backfollow ideas.
     Ravi, roger, discuss common view.
     Hill, markm, matching on underscore.
     Markm, dean, does not propagating unreadable clubs optimization overlap delayed installation in ent?
     Michael, dean, markm, LRU on RAM objects (snarfs, flocks, etc).

M.       Unassigned

     merge contact databases
     scenario documents (markm, dean
     tutorial for users on the frontend
     reference manual for users on the frontend
     test scaffolding, code exercisers