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ChangeLog fix

To get method moves to appear in file outs, you should file in the
following method. (This will appear in my changes file for the next
release as well, but if you need it before then, here it is.)

!ChangeRecorder methodsFor: 'private'!
{Object} add: record {ChangeRecord} with: value {Object} to: links {Dictionary of: (Collection of: Symbol) and: Object}
	"if the record does any mapping, map all the symbols in the dictionary"
	"add the value to the dictionary indexed by the record identifiers"
	"if the record is in the dictionary, return the old value, else nil"
	| result |
	record identifiers isEmpty ifTrue: [^nil].
	result _ links at: record identifiers ifAbsent: [nil].
	record doesMap ifTrue:
		[links keys do: [ :key |
			(key detect: [ :ident | ident ~~ (record map: ident)] ifNone: [nil]) ~~ nil ifTrue:
				[ | old |
				old _ links at: key.
				links removeKey: key.
				links at: (key collect: [ :ident | record map: ident]) put: old]]].
	links at: record identifiers put: value.
	^result! !