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merge release

Contents:  merge whereabouts, highlights, image size, backup

I've put out the merged alpha-8 X++ and sep9 smalltalk image!
Alpha-8 is in ~xanadu/backend/alpha-8
Sep9 is in ~xanadu/st80/releases/sep9
Each one has a symbolic link to the other to make it easier to remember
the relation between the two.

Everybody should remember to chmod +w their smalltalk image when they
grab one.

As for test execution, "make tests" in alpha-8/xpp produce no errors at
all.  In xlatexpp, all tests except for treet.cxx run, although many of
the reference files are still out of date.  They all seemed to run
properly as far as i could tell.  Thinking that it would probably be at
least another half week before all of the reference files could be
checked by the various test authors, i decided that it was more
important at this point to get the merge out.  Also, by the time of the
next merge, the new test running utilities should be in smalltalk,
making it easier to maintain this stuff.  Waldo test is running with
fake disk hooks and the GrandHashTable in the dagwood and GrandMap--208s
on victoria.  The calc example/test in this release is a merger of wjr/chris.

Something needs to be done about the size of the smalltalk image.  Ravi
observed the other day that it didn't fit on the PC with 10Mb of RAM.  I
suspect at least some part of this new gigantism is due to the new
ShephardSubclassUnlocked classes, but I don't know right off hand what else
might be lurking in there.  If *ANYONE* can think of cleanUpGarbage methods
that might have been missed or can be improved, please add or fix them (with
suitable consultation with the module leader, of course).

WJR:  I don't know what the current state of the backup system is.  In case
it's still being flaky, I think we really want to get this merge squirreled
away somewhere.  The actual locations of the merge files are:
and	/net/xanadu/files4/xanadu/alpha-8

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