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My New Stuff

It doesn't work yet, and I don't know what the problem is.  However,
a lot does work, all the new interfaces are well defined, and
everything compiles and links.  The problem is that when I run
"becomet.exe" it core dumps, and I've not learned the debugging tools
well enough to track it down yet.  It looks like the problem isn't
with "become" per se, but with the new initialization stuff.

I will continue trying to track this down, but in the meantime I've
transferred what I've got up to Xanadu.  I'm exhausted now, but will be
sending out a mail message tomorrow explaining the changes to the
various interfaces.

My Smalltalk stuff is in the usual place:


My C++ stuff is on:


Michael: Please look at the new Xcvr interface in
".../aug22/xpp/xcvrx.hxx".  It'll require corresponding changes to the
snarf side of the hierarchy.  (I've already made the corresponding
change to the comm side.) 

Chris: Please let me know what you think of the new "StubbleForm.f".

Mr. Hill: Except for "becomet.cxx" (which core dumps) and "tofut.exe"
(which passes) I haven't yet run the regression tests, so I don't yet
know what else I've broken.  Would you rather I did that before
actually submitting to the merge, or should I just submit when I think
things work and let you run the tests?

Good luck.  Let me know how it goes.