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"delete", "destroy", "reclaim", and "p->Heaper::~Heaper();"

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 90 10:31:55 PDT
   From: xanadu!michael (Michael McClary)

   ... One thing bugs me:

   > 4) Explicit invocation of the destructor: "p->Heaper::~Heaper();".
   > ...

   I haven't checked, but doesn't this call only the Heaper destructor
   method, regardless of whether the actuall object needs more complex
   destruction?  Or does it bounce off the vtable to destroy what is
   actually there (which I gather is the desired behavior)?

The second--the desired behavior.  I find this a very confusing piece
of syntax, but I see how Bjarne painted himself into this particular

   PS:  Obviously "become" is letting a sublease (without mentioning it
	to the landlord).  B-)

Yes, exactly.  However, you have to tell the landlord during init time
who all you *may* let a sublease to so the landlord can be sure to
lease to you a large enough apartment.

(For those who haven't yet read the "Market Sweep" algorithms in the
"Incentive Engineering" paper in "The Ecology of Computation",
landlords and leasing are actually quite a rich analogy for storage
management that we extend much further (and in a somewhat different