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Re: "delete", "destroy", "reclaim", and "p->Heaper::~Heaper();"

(Hmmm... Just read the whole text of the original letter.  That'll teach
 me to respond to part of a long letter and put off reading the whole
 thing - thus missing the answer to my question.)

One thing bugs me:

> 4) Explicit invocation of the destructor: "p->Heaper::~Heaper();".
> This destructs the object causing it to vacate its memory, but doesn't
> deallocate the memory.  This is done [] In the garbage
> collector (which, by the landlord analogy, actually does have the
> right to force the object to vacate).

I haven't checked, but doesn't this call only the Heaper destructor
method, regardless of whether the actuall object needs more complex
destruction?  Or does it bounce off the vtable to destroy what is
actually there (which I gather is the desired behavior)?


PS:  Obviously "become" is letting a sublease (without mentioning it
     to the landlord).  B-)