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Something to do While Waiting for Compiles

Funny, most of the code that breaks these protections violations works
just fine.  I point this out because that's what we're shooting for,
not having clean code.  I'll happily argue that clean code is a
wonderful thing, however it is secondary to working code.  Note that
I've generated many of the protection violations because I grew up
with the semantics of Smalltalk, and all the use of inherited
variables is quite clean and separable.  I find this perfectly
acceptable for the moment, and will be happy to clean the code as time
goes along.

Since you're on the critical path, it's totally inappropriate for you
to spend time on a side issue.  I agree that changing over to private
instance variables is important, but not critical.  Also, please don't
use the fact that you are on the critical path as a club to get other
people to change this thing.

I don't want to try to have this by the next merge because I have
other things to do.  If everyone does this at once, then Mr Hill will
get to merge many changes to everything.  Aargh!

If anyone reformats my code in the process of 'fixing' it, I'll be
very annoyed, and needlessly.

In conclusion.  Don't fix it in my code.  I'm not going to fix it
immediately.  At the latest, I'll fix it before we go to beta.  I at
least want to wait till I get my current project done.