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"delete", "destroy", "reclaim", and "p->Heaper::~Heaper();"

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 90 17:49:02 PDT
   From: xanadu!michael (Michael McClary)

   > From: vlad!mark (Mark S. Miller)
   > ... "delete" is a command--C++ doesn't allow it to be refused.
   > ...

   The latter is not true.


   (Has all of this "delete" stuff happened because I didn't make that
    clear in the documentation?)

No.  I actually understood all that about how the Bomb package works.
(Although I'm still curious about what happens if a member destructor
BLASTs--is it as bad as if a member constructor BLASTs?)  I should
have said that C++ doesn't allow "delete" to be *silently* refused.
"delete" also has other problems (mostly cfront, not language def).
More later.