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I Just Talked to Stroustrup (was "Third Party Suicide?")

Stroustrup didn't have much time.  He answered some of my questions
and referred me to a (quite good) support person (named Margaret
Ellis) for the rest.  Below I won't always distinguish what I heard
from whom (if you're curious, ask).

I did not find out what was causing the problem, but Bjarne thought
that these should generally be easy to fix.  They are just short of
manpower and time.  There is going to be a new major release (2.1) in
approximately february, for the purpose of fixing known bugs.  THIS
This stuff will remain unimplemented in 2.1.

I explained the particular form of the problem which I take it is by
far the most vexing (&& and ||).  (In my opinion all the others pale
by comparison, and I was doing triage.)  I asked if, given that we
figure out (I had Nat in mind) how to fix this in the 2.0 source,
would they consider including this fix in the 2.1 release.  They said
yes!  And they said it in a way that gave me confidence that they mean

I've already called Nat and left a message on his machine.