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Re: Perverting Revert

2 1/2 cents worth:

In vi (that model of a friendly user interface) there are two flavors
of undo, u and U.  To my particular mental model, this is the key to
what sounds clearest:  an "undo" and an "UNDO" command, together with
"redo" and "REDO" commands.  UNDO is "revert to saved"; REDO is revert
forward.  I guess redo would get greyed out after an UNDO (or two?).

Of course, if the Mac community really insists on "Revert to saved"
being called "Revert to saved", then this terminology is out.  And
literally making the distinction by a difference in case would be par-
ticularly offensive to Mac users, I'm sure.  But somewhere in here
there's got to be a useful idea.