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Selection handles

Making selection handles first-class interactive objects can eliminate
the need for a hanging link window and a clipboard. As before, you can drag
(move), option-drag (copy), or command-drag (link) a handle over some text or
another selection handle to carry out the operation immediately.

On the other hand, you could do any of the three but drag it over to an
empty portion of the desktop. Then the handle stays around there until
you need it. You could in fact compose the operations by using modifier
keys when you drag it from the desktop. The matrix would be:

      2nd	move	copy	link
1st		----	----	----
move		move	copy	link
copy		copy	copy	link
link		link	link	link

We could even go hog-wild and do formatting by dragging from a
format icon over the selection handle. What this does to a free-floating
handle would need to be worked out in detail, but I think it can
be done in an predictable way.

Double-clicking on an attached handle brings up an annotation. Double-
clicking on a moved/copied handle brings up a window containing only
the text. Double-clicking on a linked handle brings up an annotation.

Linked free-floating handles should have different icons from moved/copied
ones, as they behave differently.

A single click on a free-floating handle should give you some useful
information about it, e.g. showing the actual text, and in the original
window if it is a link handle.

'Nuf said. 'Tain't likely to make it to 1.0 anyhow.