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Minor Recommended Alteration in Bert Handling

The edit operations should not be thrown away when the Save occurs, but
rather after the user has performed at least one edit operation after
the Save. This way he always has an Undo that works at least as well
as Undo works in most of the rest of the world, i.e., he can always
at least perform 1 undo.

Also, the edit history should not be thrown away after a SaveAs: that
edit history is still properly connected to the original bert.

A Revert should act the same way a Save does: the edit history is not
tossed until after at least one edit operation (it would be a shame if
the guy did an Unrevert right after the revert, and found that he no
longer could Undo).

Your message about our meeting is much clearer than the meeting itself
was. Thank you.