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frontend redesign :-)

Date: Wed, 20 Sep 89 12:54:14 PDT
   From: mark (Mark S. Miller)

   I don't get the bit about dots vs bubbles.  I've seen the proposed fe
   look, but am (apparently) not familiar with the terminology.
The dots were originally check boxes.  They intend to make it easy to
attach links to the document behaind a given header.

   I love the text selection idea!  The button appearing nearby to
   represent the selected text as a draggable entity is WONDERFUL!  I've
Thanks.  This is what I meant when you referred to edit buttons
appearing in Terry's program.

   Speaking of mac user interface conventions, I believe that dragging
   the button should be move (as you suggested), but option-drag should
   be vcopy, not double-click-drag.  Option-drag is a standard way of
   duplicating elements in many Mac graphics editors.  Besides that, I
I agree.  I like it.

   think double-click-drag is an awkward motion.
well mumble.  I think requiring the other hand (pressing bucky bits)
is almost as bad, so the main argument is consistency.

   Double clicking is kind of a way to open things up.  I suggest that
   double clicking on a text button means start a new document (and new
   document window) whose initial contents are the selected text.  I
   don't know if this is useful enough to use up double-click on a button
   for this, but assuming it is...  For consistency (perhaps a foolish
   consistency) just double clicking both starts a new document & removes
   the text from its original location (i.e., a move).  Option-double-
   click starts the new document with the selected text & leaves the text
   where it came from (i.e., a vcopy).
InterestingAfter hugh pointed out that creating documents like that
would be useful, I suggested having a yellow-sticky icon appear whic
you could click on to make an attached document.  Hmmm...

   Note that we still must support the Mac "cut-copy-paste-clipboard"
Sigh.  Of course.  Same with the PS/Sun/Foo

   It would be wonderful if these text-selection-buttons could also serve
   as a visually reified link-end for creating links.  Maybe
   double-clicking makes it persistent, so that later you can form a link
   by indicating several persistent buttons.
Good idea.  I think Ravi has some suggestions along that line in his document.

   I haven't been following the fe design.  Does the above make any