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domain-inform: a replacement for 'complete'?

While working on the partial orgl operations, an interesting semantics
idea occurred to me.

The 'complete' operation on a partial orgl is currently a data-inform
operation that converts a partial orgl to a complete (non-partial
orgl).  The archiver will disinform orgls in order to gain space.
The first step of disinforming makes the orgl partial again, but I see
no reason to throw away all the information about the domain of the
orgl (how many elements in it, for example).  This suggests to me that
there are three inform operations:  data-inform, sharing-inform, and
domain inform.  The original complete operation just informs the orgl
that its full domain is its currently existing domain.  This isn't
quite right for non-unique spaces, though (MarkM?).

Are there any interesting uses for determining the size of an orgl
(using domain-inform) before filling it in?  The orgl would become
complete as soon as the last atom gets informed.