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questions on orgls for the inclusion list waldo

I've been peering at the (more or less) latest alpha interfaces in order
to decide how to implement the necessary functions.

  For context, this is what I've done so far:

I have various routines built and tested for interpreting TreeOrdered
positions and mapping them into a text structure like: (a(b)(c));
where a has two children of size (er, count) 1.  So, if given a position like:
(0,0) I can figure out that it's b's first (undefined) child. (I interpret
the position () to be the root -- a in this case, b is at (0) and c at (1)).

  OK, so like, if I had a textSpace constructed in this manner, I can make
it look treeOrdered.

  Now to my problem.  The a,b,c in the previous example are representative of
partkeys for the document components they represent.  I assume there is no
problem in mixing partkeys with PacOBits objects in a naked orgl, although
a well dressed (Text) one might object.  To simplify my job, I just want to
use a Text waldo for manipulating the space, although I also expect to use 
some orgl operations (transform, combine) to mix in the partkeys.

---- How do I build an orgl with a partkey as the dataobject that it references?

  GateKeepers can build an orgl from a BitArray, but that's the only
way I see to construct an orgl referencing data.  Am I missing something
obvious, or do I have to extend the GateKeeper protocol to allow creation of
orgl's with arbitrary objects as their data?