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re: VC and PO: data-informing in archiving

For starters, the capabilities are different.  When a Stamp is
      complete, it is no longer data-informable.  Archiving will certainly
      result in frozen Berts onto data-informable Orgls.  That's the only
      way to have parts of published documents stored (like the part used in
      a quote).

   Now I'm totally confused.  Why should archiving ever result in a
   frozen Bert of all things?  Orgls aren't data-informable, Stamps are. 

Two examples to clarify this.

1) Machine A has a document X that quotes document Y.  The quoted
material got transferred to A along with X.  Machine A ought to
represent Y with a frozen Bert (because the actual document Y is
frozen) onto a partial orgl that just contains the quoted material.
Only when someone actually cares about Y itself does A bother
retrieving the rest of the contents from another machine.

2) Machine A has frozen Berts X and Y and all their data.  X and Y
share data.  Now the archiver throws away Y.  Some other user later
gets Y from machine B which does not contain X.  Now machine A has
both X and Y, but without the sharing information between them.