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partial orgl terminology

First my default terminology for discussing partial orgls:

a complete or full orgl is an orgl that has all the data that it will
ever contain.  

a partial orgl has some areas in its coordinate space that are not
associated with data yet, but may be in the future.

a ready orgl is an orgl that contains some data (associated with
positions).  This can either be a partial orgl with some data in it or
a complete orgl.  I'm not sure what this should mean for a complete
but empty orgl.

an unready orgl is a partial orgl with no data in it.

Operation terminology: I painfully avoided using the word 'inform'
above because I want to use it for the generic class of adding
information to pre-existing orgls.  The two kinds of information that
can be added are information about what data is contained, and
information about how that data is shared with other, pre-existing
orgls.  I propose we call the first operation data-inform (rather than
inform).  The second should then be sharing-inform (rather than
unify).  I never did like the term unify....