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iterators et al

I have made a new set of iterator classes based on IntegerTable (a
subclass of Table).  I will bring them in tomorrow and try to compile
them.  I have also added Shields and Blasts to the translator.  I have
not yet added Bombs (because I haven't needed them), but their
addition is straightforward.  

The new Iterator code will be the examples of Blasts and Shields.  I
think I will start adding comments to the Iterator code to explain the
various cliches I use.

In the process of creating the blast management stuff, I realized the
cliche I used for blasts could work for Criterions and the like.  How
much trouble are people having with the current
Criteria/Transformation scheme?  The disadvantage of the new scheme is
that Transformations wouldn't be defined inline where they are used.
The advantage is that the scoping rules map directly to C++ rules.
Essentailly, Transformations would get created in a separate method.
The method pattern would be turned into a constructor for the
Transformation class, etc.  Oh yes.  This also allows Transformations
to be shared.